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About ALSET® LED's
NuWave has changed the way we live. The brand shot into the limelight with its flagship product: The NuWave Oven – a pioneering countertop oven that combines infrared, conduction and convection heat to offer easy and healthy cooking. Like every other NuWave product, ALSET® LED Lighting has been designed to improve lives and help save the environment. A result of the founder’s vision for energy-efficient and smart lighting technologies, ALSET® LED Lighting was formed in 2012.
Our Mission
Live Well For Less
Our mission is to deliver our very best and create a range of products that are energy efficient and environment-friendly. We are passionate about health, safety, and environment, and this is reflected in every eco-friendly product that we create.

Our work is driven by the philosophies of:
Safety is paramount at NuWave. Our products are engineered for security and peace of mind. Each product has multiple safety redundancies built into the design and engineering to ensure that they are safer than most other similar products.
To offer innovative design and advanced technology to ensure the best performance at the best price.
To combine efficiency and durability to offer one of the fastest ROIs in the industry.
NuWave, LLC. lives by the "green" philosophy. Materials are carefully selected to ensure that each product is safe for the environment. We believe in producing environmentally-conscious, chemical-free products that are both efficient and affordable.
Our History
NuWave, LLC is the proud maker of ALSET® LED Lighting. Its predecessor, IBC-Hearthware, was founded in 1993 and ever since, has been a leader in innovative components, supplying components as OEM household appliance manufacturers. We specialize in developing new products for large corporations, such as Mabe, Electrolux, General Electric, Daewoo, and Whirlpool. With this background, combined with strong technicians, advanced product testing machinery, we have created a strong Quality Control, and product management system. In 2012, we began to implement this knowledge into producing innovative LED luminaires, and lamps.
For 24 years, we have focused our goals around delivering high-quality products to satisfied customers.
Our 400,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center, located next to our company headquarters in Vernon Hills, IL, holds our stock for immediate purchase and delivery. We pride ourselves on same-day processing on standard orders.
Our Promise
NuWave’s goal to our customers is to maintain top-notch customer satisfaction. That is why we developed an online customer portal on our website which allows partners to track order status, inventory levels, and new product information. We also generate lighting layouts with a (2) day turn-around time so the customer may see how well the fixture performs for their applications. Our warranty is backed by a company with over $100MM in annual sales, so in the unlikely event of a problem, you know we will stand behind the product.
Our Future
NuWave has a world-class research and development team that is focused on developing innovative solutions in the LED lighting. With our passion and devotion to advancements in LED lighting, our team has earned the respect of lighting distributors, architects, designer, engineers, and related professionals worldwide while developing innovations that will help revolutionize the way we light our world.
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After years of success with the NuWave Oven and NuWave PIC, NuWave, LLC has branched out with our ALSET® LED line of light bulbs and fixtures. ALSET® LED lamps, troffers, canopies, highbays, T-8 retrofit tubes and downlights continue our commitment to help our customers Live Well For Less through their superior heat management, instant-on feature and high efficacy. Call us at: 1(224)206-3083
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