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OxyPure: The Most Advanced Air Purifier for a Reason

Advanced 5-Filter System
Includes a stainless-steel Pre-Filter that is reusable for up to 20 years, a Bio-Guard Filter that lasts 20 years, an Ozone Emission Removal Filter that also lasts up to 20 years, and a combination HEPA/Carbon Filter that lasts up to 1 year.
Eliminates Viruses and Bacteria
The OxyPure™ eliminates over 99.99% of bacteria and removes 99.96% viruses within 2 hours of detection, eliminating potentially deadly contaminants as opposed to simply trapping them alive until the next filter cleanse.
Highly Energy Efficient
The OxyPure™ remains off until it detects poor air quality. It then automatically runs at the top fan level (6) until the air improves. Then it shuts off. This unique OxyPure™ feature is a huge energy-saver.
OxyPure: Taking Out the Ozone
Ground level ozone concentrations (measured in parts per billion or ppb) varies depending on where you live. You can live in places where it is fairly low, like Oahu in Hawaii, which averages 49ppb1; or in places like Chicago,... which averages 72ppb2. The national average hovers around 70ppb3, which is also the current EPA standard. The CARB-Certified OxyPure's Ozone filter drops the ozone concentration in your home to 1ppb, 70 times lower than current EPA limits and well below the ozone concentration you would find outside anywhere in the U.S.

1. State of Hawaii Annual Summary 2015 – Air Quality Data
2. Illinois Air Quality Report 2017 - Air Quality Index
3. EPA Report on the Environment
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Wi-Fi Convenience
Remotely monitor and control air quality from anywhere in your home. Use the NuWave Connect app on your smart phone or tablet to conveniently connect-to and operate all the Oxypure's functions.
360-Degree Air Intake
As opposed to other air purifiers that have to be set against a wall because they only draw air from one or two sides, you’re free to place the OxyPure wherever you want for maximum effect.
Oxypure's Certifications
The OxyPure has received certifications from the California Air Review Board (CARB), and the Environmental Protection Agency (Energy Star).
Advanced Air Quality Sensors
The OxyPure automatically detects the air quality in your room along with any odors present and reacts in real time to take action quickly and easily.

The OxyPure Filters AWAY The Competition

Room Capacity
* Square footage is the area of the chamber used by a testing lab to verify an air purifier's efficiency.
CADR* Score: Tobacco, Cooking & Fireplace Smoke
CADR* Score: Dust
CADR* Score: Pollen
Particle Pollutant Effectiveness & Smallest Particle Size Filtered
Bacteria & Virus Effectiveness
Ozone & Other Gaseous Elements
Filtration System
Noise Level

515 Square Feet
100% - 0.09 Microns
ELIMINATES Over 99.99%
Less than 0.001 PPM
Pre-Filter: Up to 20 years
HEPA/Carbon Filter : Up to 1 year
Bio-Guard Filter: Up to 20 years
Ozone Filter: Up to 20 years
6 Fan Speeds Ranging From Whisper Quiet To Turbo
5 Years
1 Year VIP Service*

5000i AC5659/40
454 Square Feet
99.97% - 0.30 Microns
Captures 99.9%
Pre-Filter: Replaceable
HEPA: 1 year
Carbon Filter: 6 months
4 Fan Speeds Ranging From 1 To Turbo
2 Years

Pro Series True HEPA Air Purifier
325 Square Feet
99.97% - 0.10 Microns
Captures 99.9%
Replaceable 3-In-1 HEPA Filter Kit (Up To 1 Year)
5 Fan Speeds Up To Turbo
5 Years

PuriCare 360 Degree Air Purifier AS560DEWR0
512 Square Feet
0.01 PPM
2 Filters: Replaceable Deodorizing Filter (Expected Lifetime N/A); Replaceable PuriCare HEPA Filter (Expected Lifetime N/A)
5 Fan Speeds Ranging From Low (25 Decibels) to Turbo
1 Year Parts & Labor
10 Years Motor, Parts

Sky Air Treatment System, 120539
468 Square Feet
99.99% - 0.007 Microns
Washable/Reusable Pre-Filter
Replaceable HEPA Filter
Replaceable Carbon Filter
5 Fan Speeds Ranging From Whisper Quiet to 5
2 Years
* Pricing reflects manufacturers' advertised MSRPs. NuWave LLC. makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information.


The OxyPure’s advanced technology and versatile design does more than just filter the air, it eliminates indoor air pollution and airborne pathogens quickly and easily.

Watch the OxyPure at Work

OxyPure's Unique 5-Filter System


People love the NuWave OxyPure for its uniquely effective filtration system, high CADR, 6-speed fan, air quality and odor sensors, versatility, and ease-of-use, but why take our word for it? Here’s what actual OxyPure users have to say.

It's a Great Feeling to Have Clean Air

Less Germs in the Air, Less Germs to Share

Eliminate Airborne Pet Dander Completely

I usually don’t take the time to write a review for products unless they are exceptional. And the Nuwave Oxypure Air Purifier is exceptional! Having a Specialty Sporting Goods retail business, my number one property was to make sure my employees and customers felt safe... Read more

Dave Kazanjian - Owner Whirlaway Sports Center
Methuen, Massachusetts
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* The University of Minnesota tested the OxyPure's removal of the porcine respiratory coronavirus, a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Test results are calculated for a 1,200 sq ft room in a 6-hour time span on fan level 6.
†VIP Warranty Service Available Only within the 48 Contiguous States.
‡ Effective for Large Spaces up to 1,200 square feet with 2 air exchanges per hour. H3N2 Influenza (99.96%), Staphylococcus Albus (99.99%), Staphylococcus Aureus (99.99%), Aspergillus Niger (99.99%), Escherichia Coli (99.99%)
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